Alva’s Newseum is a unique project of the Alva’s Education Foundation (AEF) came into existence at the Alva’s College on its Vidyagiri campus in Moodubidire on 1st September, 2011 with a huge collection of first and special issues of newspapers and magazines, besides books, donated by Sreekar L Bhandarkar, a senior journalist from Bengaluru and Mohana Ganapathi Hegade, Sagara.

This is the first venture in India adjoining a post graduate department of Mass Communication and Journalism, to enable its students, faculty and researchers at first and later to cater to needs of other such interested persons everywhere by digitising the archives, which include innumerable newspaper clippings.

Naturally, this utility is an adjunct to the Central Library in the campus, which has begun contributing old newspapers and magazines to enrich it from time to time.