Alva's College, Moodbidri

Orientation Program for Bachelor of Commerce Students

Orientation Program


Alva’s College, Dept of UG Studies in English organized, Orientation  program on ‘Functions of Language’ and ‘English Language Proficiency’ for Bachelor of Commerce students of the college, on Wednesday, at Kuvempu Hall, in college premises.

After inaugurating orientation programme, Dr Madhav Bhat, Professor, SDM PG Studies in English, Ujire, said the knowledge of English is much sought after in the corporate world. It can provide greater scope for job opportunities within and outside the country and proficiency in English helps the person remain tuned to the developments in all fields of knowledge. ‘Though some people say English is a disgraceful relic of colonization, but it is the entrance for all the development of the modern life, Science & Technology and knowledge’, professor stated. He added and said, in present days the employer considers the candidates ability and inability to speak fluently in English as one of the major selection criterion. In fact, the more domain knowledge won’t guarantee a good job, but fluency in English does, he noted.   So it is very necessary to have pragmatic view of developing competency in English for own betterment is imperative, said Sexagenarian.

 Presiding over the function, Alva’s college Principal Prof Kurian said, language is a vehicle which takes human community forward, unless we use the language the real transformation will not be completed. He added and said, ‘If you want to prove yourself in this competitive era, get acclimatize with living stream of ever growing knowledge of English’.

The session continued with PowerPoint presentation of different aspects related to the language. Students were given activity sheets to solve language related puzzles. Later in the session, students of Commerce made a presentation on ill effects of the tobacco, alcohol and drug addiction. They exhibited placards portraying various far reach consequences of bad habits.   The participants of the orientation program read out an oath against drug abuse.

Alva’s college UG English Dept Head Macchendra, Lecturer Bhasker were present among others.


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