Alva's College, Moodbidri

Guest talk by Writer Vaidheyi

Moodbidire:Literature  besides being thought provoking, allows an individual to gain deep understanding of issues with plethora of ideas, said Writer Vaideyi.

She was speaking after inaugurating  ‘Guest Lecture Series’ organized by Alva’s PG Studies in English, at PG Seminar Hall, in Vidyagiri, recently.

Literature can satisfy one’s mind and body and crucial for the advancement of the society.    But the present education system is more focused on economic stability rather intellectual excellence, she lamented.  She added and said, the fault lies in the perception of the people towards knowledge, in turn making them more dogmatic and conservative.  Stressing the importance of literature she said, ‘Post graduation is nothing but studying literature profoundly and contributing towards its refinement’.  ‘Many students attribute lack of interest in literature due to lack of time and impatience. However students should involve in true gaining of insight, she added. Answering a query of students regarding deformity of translation, she said, ‘in translation paradigm shift of culture is not possible, only content can be translated.  Moreover culture cannot be translated and transplanted from one language to another, she added.

Presiding over the function Alva’s Sociology Dept Head Chandrashekar Mayya said, Humanitarian consideration is the need of the hour. One must succumb to selfish motives and work towards the welfare of mankind. He added and said, real commitment towards the work makes success.

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