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“Building Students to face Challenges through focused Quality Education”

The Commerce Department of the College was established in the year 2003. Today, it is one of the largest departments in terms of number of students as well as number of Faculties. The Department aims at providing not only academic excellence but also value creation among the students. Presently, the Department has about 1,556 students and 32 dedicated staff members who are highly qualified and experts in their respective fields.

 The Admission of students has been increased from 14 students in the year 2003-04 to 1556 students in the year 2016-17 leading to 28 sections of B.Com. This clearly shows the strength wise increased trend over the years. Along with the strength in number, the Department has improved on various areas in delivering the quality education to the students through well designed Programmes and strategies over the years.

The Department strives to take the students beyond academics and offers innumerable exposures and opportunities to facilitate them to grow in self-confidence and self-esteem, so that they will be able to face all challenges of life successfully. The entire world has become a small village with the net-work of communication technology. In such a fast changing and dynamic world, it is imperative that the present day youth is prepared for innovation and creativity, leading to excellence in performance and good communicators in building human relationships and promoting potential markets and also learn the art of living.
The Teaching programme includes Lectures, Guest Lectures, Problem Solving, Group Discussions, Seminar Presentations,Case Study, Mini Research projects, Industrial visits, Inter class competitions etc.

 The Alumni of the Department are well placed in the fields of Banking and finance, General management, Civil services and Academics. Many are successfully managing their own Business establishments or are reputed Chartered Accountants.

Objectives of the Department:

  • To develop conceptual, technical and human relations skill among the students through formal and informal education.
  • To build Industry-specific competencies to match with the requirements of competitive world.
  • To shape the personality that balances the needs of professional, social and personal life.
  • To train the youth to make them employable.

Courses Offered:

  • Com (General) with Business Taxation/ HRM
  • Com (Vocational) with Computer Application
  • Com (Vocational) with Tax Procedure

Add on Courses:

  • CA-CPT Coaching Classes
  • CA-IPCC Coaching classes
  • CS Coaching Classes
  • IBPS (Bank Exam Coaching Classes)

The Department offers Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce (B.Com-General),(B.Com-Vocational-Computer Application & Tax Procedure) which is spread over three years and consists of six semesters, each approximately of six months. The Dept. is also facilitating  the students to pursue professional courses such as CA, CS by providing coaching for the exams at various levels like CPT, IPCE,CS foundation, CS Executive ,IBPS-Bank Exam coaching etc.

Academic Achievers:

Sl. No Year Name Course Percentage Rank
1 2008-09 Asha S B B.Com(CA) 89.66% X
2 2010-11 Deeksha B.Com(Gen) 91.96% I
3 2010-11 Vishwas Karantha K.S B.Com(Gen) 90.26% II
4 2010-11 Rashmin B.Com(Gen) 88.38% VIII
5 2012-13 Vaishnavi B.Com(Gen) 92.78% III
6 2013-14 Karthik Rama B.Com(Gen) 91.44% IX
7 2014-15 Priyanka B.Com(Gen) 93.00% III
8 2015-16 Soorya.S B.Com(Gen) 94.10 VI
9 2015-16 Sukanya Paradkar B.Com(Gen) 93.92 VIII
10 2015-16 Mamatha B.Com(Gen) 93.10 X


The Faculty:







K.Umesh Shetty M.Com,M.Phil,PGDHE,(Ph.D) Professor, HOD & Dean
Chaya.N M.Com,M.Phil,(Ph.D) Professor
Sumithra B.D M.Com Professor
Sharmila Kundar M.Com,MBA,M.Phil,PGDBM,PGDHRM Professor
Ramakrishna Shetty M.Com,M.Phil,DCA,(Ph.D) Assoc.Professor
Vasanth Poojary M.Com,M.Phil,


Ashok K.G M.Com,PGDKJ Asst.Professor
Veena Monteiro M.Com,PGDBM,(Ph.D) Senior Lecturer
Joseph James MBA Senior Lecturer
Divya.N M.Com Senior Lecturer
Jyothi M.Com Senior Lecturer
Balakrishna M.Com Lecturer
Aparna K. M.Com Lecturer
Navya Shetty M.Com Lecturer
Mahendra H.R. MBA,M.Com,PGDBA,EDP Lecturer
Amritha Acharya MBA Lecturer
Mallika N. M.Com Lecturer
Prajna Prabhu B. M.Com,PGDBM Lecturer
Ananthashayana M.Com Lecturer
Prakash Phatkar M.Com Lecturer
SwathiBhat M.Com Lecturer
Sushmitha R.Shetty M.Com Lecturer
Bhavya M.Com,MBA,M.Phil Lecturer
Shreelekha M.Com Lecturer
Sushmitha Y M.Com Lecturer
Pradeep J.Shetty M.Com Lecturer
Gururaj P. M.Com Lecturer
Karthik Pai M.Com Lecturer
Abhinandan K. M.Com Lecturer
Shruthi L. Nayak M.Com Lecturer
Supriya Bangera M.Com Lecturer
Chethana M.J M.Com Lecturer
Ashok Rao C.A Guest Lecturer
Karthikeya C.A Guest Lecturer
Balakrishna Bhat C.A Guest Lecturer

Departmental Activities:


  • Certificate course on HR & ER:

The Course on Human Resources & Employee Relations was started with the intention of upgrading the knowledge & skills of the students to deal HR in their work life.

  • “Vaanijya”- TheAnnualNews Bulletin:

The Department comes with a News bulletin “Vaanijya” wherein the complete information about the Achievements&Programmes of the Department is published.


  • Personality Development & Placementworkshops: Workshops on personality development & Placements are conducted especially to the Final year Students in the V & VI Semesters to improve their communication and interactive skills and motivate them to move towards academic excellence under the guidance and control of Academic Advisors. Sometimes, For Second and First year students also workshops are organized when the Advisor feels it is needed to motivate students towards study.
  • Guest Lectures: Guest Lectures are organized on specific topics related to a particular subject by the concerned lecturers when they feel the expertise knowledge can be provided to the students by external expertise in the particular area.
  • Coaching Classes for the Slow Learners: The Department arranges for the coaching classes for the slow learners on a selective basis for those who appear for the University examination on the pending subjects of the previous semester.
  • Industrial Visits/ Tours: Industrial Visits/ Tours are arranged to the Final year students in VI Semester to have practical exposure, under the supervision and guidance of the Academic Advisor.
  • Academic Advisors:Academic Advisors are appointed in the beginning ofthe Academic year for each class. Academic Advisor is given authority &responsibility of his/ her class. She/he is responsible to identify the slow learners and advanced learners and facilities for their improved academic performance, monitoring the irregularity of the students, communicating with the parents, organizing additional programmes as per the requirement of the students.
  • Mini Projects: with the objective of cultivating research attitude through practical application of theoretical knowledge the mini projects are given tothe Final year students of B.Com under the guidance of Faculty members of the Dept. For this purpose, each class is divided into group of five students and for each group a guide is allotted and after the completion of the mini project viva-voice is conducted to the whole group by the panel framed by the department and the marks of which is considered for allotting internal assessment marks of the University.
  • Tutorial Classes: A tutorial class for each class is scheduled in the time table under the responsibility and guidance of the Academic Advisors. Depending upon the class performance and feedback of the students, Academic Advisor designs the strategy to make use of tutorial class.
  • Seminar Classes/Group Discussions:Seminars& GDs slots are allotted to II & III year students within the time table with the intension of making them to become more confident & comfortable to face campus placements.


  • Bridge Course: The coaching on Basic Accountancy & Principles of Management for non-commerce students is conducted by the Dept. to make them more comfortable in learning the core subjects.


  • Faculty Development Programme (FDP): The Department is organizing the 2 days FDPevery year with the concern of making every faculty to become effective Teacher inside the classrooms.
  • Commerce Forum:An Association of the interested students; enroll themselves as members of the Forum & conducts various Personality development activities on Saturdays under the guidance of Faculty Coordinators. Their presence & performance during the Forum sessions will be considered for allotment of marks for Co-curricular activities.
  • Inter-class Fest:The students organize Interclass Fests viz., INNOVISION & IGNITION every year to bring out the hidden talents through various competitions & thereby they learn various skills such as Planning, organizing, coordinating, communication, supervision, controlling,Financial & HR management etc.


  • Placements:Placement Cell of the College works under the guidance of AEF and conducts various placement drives whereby the students get offersin Companies suchas Northern Trust,HDFC,Amazon,EY,Oracle,Cognizant,ESS&ESS,Paragon,Adithya Birla,Wipro,IBM,Ninjacart etc.


  • Contact Numbers:

HOD and DEAN: Prof.K.Umesh Shetty- +919448304188


Prof.SharmilaKundar- +919481177897

Prof.Sumithra.B.D- +919480452985

Prof.Ramakrishna Shetty- +919740735370

Prof.Vasanth Poojary- +919972916581

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