Alva's College, Moodbidri

M.Sc. – Applied Botany

Applied Botany is related to the scientific study of plants. It is ever-increasing has key role in natural resource management. Diversity in plant sciences allows the career aspirants of different backgrounds, aptitudes and interests to find satisfying careers in Botany. The application of plant sciences improves yield and supply of medicines, foods, fibres, building materials and other plant products. Public health and environmental health mainly depends on better understanding of plant science and technological advancements. The knowledge of plant sciences is essential for development and management of forests, parks, waste lands, sea wealth etc. This field offers a wide range of career opportunities in research, industries, teaching, public service, self employment and many more other fields. “The world is constantly changing, but the need for botanists remains Permanent”.


     I semester      II semester      III semester IV semester
AB 401-Plant Morphology and Taxonomy- I AB 451- Plant Morphology and Taxonomy- II AB 501- Choice based course# AB 551-Seed Technology
AB 402-Plant Biochemistry AB 452- Plant Physiology AB 502- Plant Biotechnology-I AB 552- Plant Biotechnology- II
AB 403-Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology AB 453- Plant Breeding AB 503- Plant Pathology I AB 553- Plant Pathology II
AB 404-Basic Microbiology AB 454- Applied Microbiology AB 504- Ecology and Environment AB 554- Bio-diversity and Plant Conservation
AB 405-Plant Morphology and Taxonomy Lab- I AB 455- Plant Morphology and Taxonomy Lab- II AB 505-Medicinal plants – Lab/ Project work * AB 555- Seed Technology Lab
AB 406-Plant Biochemistry Lab AB 456- Plant Physiology Lab AB 506-Plant Biotechnology Lab- I AB 556- Plant Biotechnology Lab- II
AB 407-Cytogenetics Lab AB 457- Plant Breeding and Biometrics Lab AB 507- Plant Pathology Lab- I AB 557-Plant Pathology Lab-II
AB 408-Basic Microbiology Lab AB 458- Applied Microbiology Lab AB 508- Ecology and Environment Lab AB 558- Bio-diversity and Plant Conservation- Lab
AB 409-Seminar AB 459- Seminar AB 509- Seminar AB 559- Seminar

# Students can opt this course from any Department of his/her choice.


  • Orientation and bridge Course,
  • Carrier guidance
  • Regular Guest lectures, Workshops and seminars
  • Guidance for Various Exams and regular NET Coaching class
  • Training for Research work
  • Regular Field visits, Industrial Visit, Study tour, Research station visit
  • Vacation Project Work/summer project
  • Interaction with Botanist, Industrialists and Farmers
  • Practical Knowledge on Herbal technology
  • Certificate course: Mushroom cultivation
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