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Documentary ‘NANDINI’

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017
Documentary 'NANDINI'

Moodubidire: A documentary produced by Alva’s Multimedia Studio, for supporting the noble cause of Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev’s ‘Rally for Rivers’ has gained wide appreciation from all the corners. Moreover, our documentary ‘Nandini’ has been spotted 35th place among 725 videos participated throughout the nation for ‘Rally for Rivers’. You can visualize the captivating beauty of river NANDINI through this link.





Alva’s Independence Day with great fervor

Wednesday, August 16th, 2017
Alva’s Independence Day with great fervor

Moodubidire: Vanajakshi K Sripathi Bhat Bayalu Vedike withstood 40,000 hearts that thumped with pride this Independence Day morning. 40,000 people, including students, management, faculty, parents and localities of Moodubidre gathered to observe the 71st Independence Day celebrations hosted by Alva’s Education Foundation.

The execution of the event stood true to the famed ways of all Alva’s celebrations, with an ambiance that spoke of Indian glory with every step an individual took. The entrance at Vidyagiri was lined with decorative portraits of freedom fighters who led the independence struggle. The 6 acres ground stood completely covered in tricolor, formed by human chains placed to position in perfection. The corners were studded with cultural aspects such as the  Honnarvar band and Dollu kunitha which added to the ceremoniousness of the event. Tricolors designed in cylindrical forms that stood 20 feet high and 6 feet wide marked the entire circumference of the ground, within which the crowd of 40,000 saluted the Indian flag. NCC cadets from Army, Navy and Airforce, Scouts and Guides, and other students from various realms lined the human chains.

Adding to the intensity of patriotism already felt by the people in the vicinity, hundreds of tricolor helium balloons were released into the sky as people forming the human tricolor in the ground waved smaller flags; to a song declaring our unity. The sight of the flags waving underneath and flying overhead visibly brought a sense of unmatched pride in the eyes of onlookers. Mallakambh artists of the college, who performed on stage contributed to the clear message conveyed at the ceremony, that we stand united, strong and unbreakable.

The guests were escorted to the venue in a grand procession, immediately after which the events unfolded. Vande Mataram was sung by the college music team to indicate a start, after which the tricolor was hoisted by the chief guest of the day, Chairman of NITTE Group of Institutions, Dr. N. Vinay Hegde. The flag hoisting was accompanied by the national anthem and a wholesome salute to the flag, offered by the complete gathering.

The chief guest of the program NITTE University Chancellor, Dr Vinay Hegde unfurling the national flag said, ‘’Satyameva Jayathe’’ national motto of India says anything you do, do it with truth. So, every person of this country has right to establish the ultimate triumph only through truth. Our first prime minister of India Jawarlal Nehru on the midnight of August 15, 1947 said when the world sleeps India awakes and begins with trust with destiny. This, trust with destiny is to build a new India, which is Independent, firm and looks after the interest of everyone. Taking a dig on the present political system, he said ‘’where legislature judiciary, executive and press is considered as a guardian of democracy, unfortunately these four pillars are directly controlled by the political leaders, which is really a dangerous trend. Over the years many good things are happened in India, but distribution of wealth is not been taken place the way it should have been, he lamented. In this juncture young generation has great responsibility and he called upon students ‘’ what you gain in the society, you have to give back it whichever the way you possible’’. Alva’s Education Foundation is the topmost educational institution in the country rendering quality educational in all possible ways, he added said, what good things you learn in this campus, share with others and  you need not be academically excellent person, but self belief and consistent hard work earns success’’. ‘’All of you achieve greatness not for yourselves, which you will share with all the citizens of the country’’, the moral he told to the students.

The speech was followed by the track ‘Bharatvarsh Hamara’ that aptly glorified the united spirit of Indians, to which hundreds of flags were fluttered by the gathered public and helium tricolors released into the clear sky, creating an aesthetically appealing sight. Three incredible achievers from Alva’s were honored at the event. Nandini K R  who topped the UPSC exams was honored with a shawl, garland, memento and one lakh Rupees. Tavishi Dechamma, State topper of CA/CPT who also stood second in the country was felicitated with shawl, garland, memento and fifty thousand Rupees. Spandana, who stood second in state at the second PUC Commerce state board exams was honored with shawl, garland, memento and fifty thousand Rupees.

 After receiving felicitation alumna of Alva’s college, UPSC topper 2017 Nandini K R said, ‘’we got freedom after fighting lot of struggle and hard work. It is  time for us rise for above all the things and achieve the best and give back to the society in whichever field we select as profession or life for ourselves’’.  He urged the students to give their cent percent effort whichever field they select.  Quoting Rabindranath Tagore’s patriotic song she emphasized the importance of religion of humanity’’

Alva’s Education Foundation Trustee Amarnath Shetty and his spouse, Vivek Alva, Vinay Alva, Entrepreneur K  Sripathy Bhat and others were present on the occasion.

For visual video beauty of the festival:


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Tuesday, April 11th, 2017
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Friday, August 15th, 2014

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Monday, June 23rd, 2014

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